I Login
I found you on internet,
I login my ID.
j.e.u.r.o.c.k. (Jeurock!)

I key-in your name,
I login your page.
Your smile still cute. (I like!)

I no LINE, no Skype, just IE.
I no iPhone, just only old PC.

In front of the computer,
I see my face on the monitor.
In memory of the motherboard,
you didn't cache anything inside.

I viewed your photo,
I login your world.
You're so cute, I like you. (All right!)

I am here, over here, looking for you.
You were there, ever there, came together.

You ever said "You're mine forever",
but today hugging you whom not me.
If we can go back to that time,
Maybe I will not be with you.

You're so cute, I like you.
You're so cute, I like you.
You're so cute, I like you.....

Closing all the windows of you,
I didn't feel you any more.
Let me forget you at all,
because you don't know who I am.

Lyric & Music: Jeurock

Vocal & Acoustic Guitar: Jeurock